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NekRock is finally back with 6 songs to keep you warm this winter. Enjoy.


released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


NekRock Russia

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Track Name: Dark Chocolate With Almonds And Sea Salt
The winter kept our feelings warm
They bloomed throughout the spring
The summer held them in it's arms
I still remember everything


That cherry kiss and the pure light
It was so sweet, it was so bright
Such warmth is still on my mind
Together forever, fingers intertwined

Fireworks light up sky until dawn
Take my hand, let's go, come on
Onwards, to our future, run with me
My heart beats for you, and that's how it will be
Track Name: Clear, Clear Blue Sky
I had a dream
I dreamt a clear blue sky

I had a dream
I dreamt an endless field

I had a dream
I dreamt of blooming flowers

I had a dream
I dreamt of petals in the wind

I had a dream
I dreamt the clouds

I had a dream
I dreamt the sunshine

I had a dream
I dreamt an image of you

I had a dream
And it came true
Track Name: Melody Of The Heart
Let the melody of your heart
Reverberate in their minds
Let them hear your voice
Let them hear your thoughts
Let them know that you're for real

Let them know who the fuck they're messing with

"How can you call that music, that's just a bunch of random sounds"
Yeah, who gives a fuck about the fact that this scene has no bounds
"Your taste is plebeian, better take a listen to this, it's called vaporwave"
How about we finally bury that genre instead of dancing on it's grave?
"Are you like a dude, or like a chick, like what the fuck you are?"
What's it you, you fuckin' slob, unlike you they're a star
"You're not living your life correctly! For that you'll burn in hell!"
I'm living like I want to, so please fuck off and fare thee well

Let the melody of your heart
Reverberate in their minds
Let them hear your voice
Let them hear your thoughts
Let them know that you're for real

Just remember, my friend
Haters always gonna be there
And you cannot stop the hate
But there's one thing you can do

Encourage love

"Todokete setsunasa ni wa
Namae wo tsukeyou ka SNOW HALATION
Omoi ga kasanaru made
Matezu ni kuyashii kedo suki tte junjou

Binetsu no naka
Tameratte mo dame da ne
Tobikomu yuuki ni sansei
Mamonaku START"
Track Name: 愛の歌
Когда вода всемирного потопа
Вернулась вновь в границы берегов,
Из пены уходящего потока
На берег тихо выбралась любовь
И растворилась в воздухе до срока,
А срока было сорок сороков.

И чудаки - еще такие есть -
Вдыхают полной грудью эту смесь.
И ни наград не ждут, ни наказанья,
И, думая, что дышат просто так,
Они внезапно попадают в такт
Такого же неровного дыханья...

Только чувству, словно кораблю,
Долго оставаться на плаву,
Прежде чем узнать, что "я люблю",-
То же, что дышу, или живу!

И вдоволь будет странствий и скитаний,
Страна Любви - великая страна!
И с рыцарей своих для испытаний
Все строже станет спрашивать она.
Потребует разлук и расстояний,
Лишит покоя, отдыха и сна...

Но вспять безумцев не поворотить,
Они уже согласны заплатить.
Любой ценой - и жизнью бы рискнули,
Чтобы не дать порвать, чтоб сохранить
Волшебную невидимую нить,
Которую меж ними протянули...

Свежий ветер избранных пьянил,
С ног сбивал, из мертвых воскрешал,
Потому что, если не любил,
Значит, и не жил, и не дышал!

Но многих захлебнувшихся любовью,
Не докричишься, сколько не зови...
Им счет ведут молва и пустословье,
Но этот счет замешан на крови.
А мы поставим свечи в изголовье
Погибшим от невиданной любви...

Их голосам дано сливаться в такт,
И душам их дано бродить в цветах.
И вечностью дышать в одно дыханье,
И встретиться со вздохом на устах
На хрупких переправах и мостах,
На узких перекрестках мирозданья...

Я поля влюбленным постелю,
Пусть поют во сне и наяву!
Я дышу - и значит, я люблю!
Я люблю - и, значит, я живу!
Track Name: Coffee Shop
Snowflakes dance in the cold evening air
She is standing alone behind the counter
She is waiting for him
On the night where it all began

Smell of coffee rises in the air
And it sooths the aching heart

The taste may be bittersweet
But it sooths the aching heart

The snow keeps falling behind the windows

Yet the fragrant latte keeps her warm

Milk and coffee with some sugar
Simple thing, yet such a beauty
Lover's heart will always worry
But the night is young

Snowflakes dance in the cold evening air
He is standing alone at the bus stop
He is eager to see her
On the night where it all began

The lights flicker on the snow
And they sooth the aching heart

The smell of tobacco may be bitter
But it sooths the aching heart

Snowflakes dance in the cold evening air
They stand before each other
And their hearts are warm
On the night where it all began
Track Name: You
This cold desolate world
That once lost everything
It once had mountains and forests
It once had rivers and seas
Endless oceans, flower fields
Living creatures all around
And the sky so blue
Has been gone for oh so long

Yet this cold desolate world
Is being born anew
This lost barren soil
Is blooming once again
Endless little lights
Coming from the sky
They brought back the warmth
They are the Dreams

One world, one place,
One sky, one sea,
One river, one bridge,
One day, one night

The lights restore everything
What once was lost
The lights so warm
The purest lights of hope

One look, one touch,
One word, one smile,
One feeling, one dream,
Two people, one light

This cold desolate world
Is now a beautiful land
And the light of hope falls into
The palm of a tiny hand

What was once a caged bird
Now is free
What was once two
Now is three