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Deeply personal and filled with love, this album is the one of kind. For the first time in history of music NekRock introduces the brand new genre - Atmospheric Black Pop.

Huge thanks to Ruby Q Doe from Kitty On Fire for the awesome cover and logo.


released March 4, 2016



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NekRock Russia

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Track Name: Apples And Cinnamon
She took my hand
And said: "Let's go"
I looked in her eyes
Blue like summer sky
Her perfume smells of apples
Her hair is cinnamon brown

And the fire in my heart burns so warm
Track Name: Pures Licht
Die Sonne scheint jetzt,
Es ist Morgen schon,
Sie ist bei mir,
So morgenschön.
Ein Licht so klar
Fällt auf unser Bett,
Ich sehe keine graue Farbe,
Nur rosarot und violett.

Oh, pures Licht,
Wie lang habe ich gewartet,
Scheint jetzt ins mein Gesicht.
Diese Liebe ist andersgeartet.

Oh, pures Licht,
Es ist wirklich großartig.
Hört ihr jetzt mein Gedicht,
von Liebe einzigartig?
Track Name: Such Is Warmth
When it's raining outside
Or pristine white snow is falling
One touch so tender of fingers slim
Can make the cold disappear
In a blink of an eye

As her hands move through the air
With their skin being silky smooth
One look so full of feminine charm
Can make the cold disappear
In a blink of an eye

It makes no difference
Whether it's a dark night or a cold morning
When she is beside me
Such warmth can be felt
In a loving embrace
Track Name: Tranquility
There was a time
When she had nowhere to go
There was a time
When she had no one to rely on
But now those times
Are long since gone

We built a nest
It's walls embed with flowers
We sowed the seeds
And watched them grow and bear fruit
No hardships ever stood in our way
And they never will
And after a long day
Her smile still shines
As bright as ever

And as the sun goes beyond the horizon
With a kiss on the forehead I say
Good night, my beauty
Sleep calmly now
We both know
You deserve it
Track Name: Cherry Kiss
Her blue eyes shine brighter
Than all the diamonds in the world
Her lips red like cherry
Speak the deepest feelings
Track Name: Ruby
The snow is falling. Cars outside are going restlessly one after another without ever stopping. The drivers always have a place where they need to be. One just worked 9 to 5 and is on his way home to his family, the other one just got a call from his old friend, telling him to come over for a nice party.

She is standing alone, looking out of the window, watching the cars on the streets. The girls behind her are talking about that Robot TV series with that guy from Until Dawn and how cool Cumberbatch as Sherlock is. From time to time she would say something to the girls or answer their question. It may seem as if she's not interested, but she just got a lot on her mind.

And it's not as if I was any different.

In the morning a quite famous band released their new single, titled "Guttural Enfuckment Of Truculent Brucellosis Of Cocksucking Niggerslut". And their fans went crazy over the amazing never-before heard 0 and 1 guitar riff variations. They showered the band in praise. Nevermind that the title makes no fucking sense. People adored the beautiful cover, depicting a cute anime girl getting ripped to shreds by some tentacle monster.

But when some madman decides to sing about love, nobody hears his words. They aren't incomprehensible growling gibberish, that's why no one is paying attention.

And love's a strong word. Because God loves us all. Not if you're gay though. Churches are screaming that it's unnatural. But then again, when did a random old guy in a robe became Mother Nature herself? Man can love a woman, man can love a man, woman can love a woman, that's just how it is. Fear not, dear believer, a gay man will never fuck you. You're fucking ugly, simple as that.

This spiel is getting too long. She must be waiting for me. So I excuse myself as I grab a small box I bought not so long ago. Inside of it, a pair of earrings, embed with rubies…
Track Name: Together Forever
Once upon a time
In a valley far away in the woods
There was a flower, so beautiful and majestic
He, who would have it, would be the happiest person alive

But the road to the valley
Was not one of the easiest
It was filled with rocky climbs
And deadly beasts

Yet I had no fear
I climbed up the steep rocks
I fought the cruel beasts
Until I reached the valley
And I saw the flower

But I did not pick it
Instead, I carefully dug it out
Keeping all the roots intact
And brought it home

Many years have since passed
The flower has grown
And it looks even more beautiful than before
While she stands by side, looking at it

She stands by my side...

Yes, You stand by my side
My darling, my lady,
My whole world, 5.2 feet tall
I hope you'll hear this
I know you'll hear this
Just know, my beauty,
All that I've said
I meant it
No matter what will happen
You and I
We will stay
Together Forever

And after all of this
There's only one thing left for me to say...
Track Name: Anya
I love you