Our Summer

by NekRock

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An EP filled with vanilla and summer enegry. Enjoy your time in the Summer Paradise.


released July 26, 2016



all rights reserved


NekRock Russia

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Track Name: The Dawn
The skies are lit ablaze
With light rays of the dawn
Step with me into this paradise
Take my hand, come on

Let us go

Lass deine Sorgen
Nimm meine Hand
Gehen wir ins Paradies
Unser Sommerland
Track Name: Under The Parasol
The cries of seagulls
The soothing sound of waves
The swaying palm trees
The silent world of dreams

Together in this place
We enjoy our summer life
Track Name: Pina Colada
Sitting in the bar

Glasses of cold Pina Colada in our hands

It tastes so sweet

But not as sweet as you
Track Name: Beach Volleyball
It may feel like a dream
But you're not dreaming
You're here with me
In summer paradise
You, me, the sun
And the water's gleaming
Who would've thought
Life can be so nice

Enjoy yourself
This summer fun
Playing volleyball
Under the sun
Track Name: Come My Way (Interlude)
Baby, won't you come my way?
Got something I want to say
Cannot keep you out my brain
But first off I'ma start by saying this, ayy
All headshots if you think you could take my waifu, ayy
And I'm too turnt, when I shoot, swear I won't miss, ayy
Baby, won't you come my way?
Baby, won't you go my way?
Track Name: Resort Boin
It's been a year since I last bashed you
Listen up, motherfucker, here I come with part two

This ain't your standard
Cultural anthropology class
It's an observation of an artist
With his hands out of his ass

477 backers, 5 grand a month
They're all but dairy cows to you
Who gives a fuck
As long as the buck keeps coming through

Fakku? More like
Fuck you, ShindoL, you're a piece of shit
I bet that Emergence
Emerges quite a hit

Among all the edgelords
Among all the scum
While you make your next creation
"Yotsuba Drowns In Cum"

Listen, Lawrence, we all can do better
Everyone knows you can do vanilla
So why would you cater to the "edge" demographic
Is it the money? Is it the exposure? Or is it something bigger?
Fragile and Tough, Barrier Free, Library Talk
That last one, people love girls in a sweater
But no, let it be once, and then draw girls getting raped by a gorilla
Or some shit, dickheads with cash like it more graphic
Are you a fucked-up-in-the-head weeaboo gold digger?
Well, I said what I wanted to say, peace out,
Track Name: Ki-ma-gu-re☆Cafe au lait! (Frederica Miyamoto Cover)
Saa une deux trois no RIZUMU de
Kono machi o aruiteku
Itsudatte kibun wa HIROIN nano.
Kimagure na onnanoko no
Himitsu oshiete hoshii?
Tokubetsu ni, kimi dake da yo.

Oshare ni kimetara kyou wa
Okiniiri no KAFE e ano ko to ikou
Sumashita kao ni mieru kedo
Nani mo kangaetenai yo?

Ki ni natteta MENYUU o
Erabu toki mou chotto chikazuite.

Hora une deux trois de me ga aeba
Kimi wa mou koi ni ochiru
Horonigai KAFE O RE o amaku shite.
Omowaseburi na kotoba
Ima wa, mada oazuke ne.
Watashi kara uchiageru yo

Oshaberi ga suki na kimi wa
Donna hito suki nano ka kiku kedo
Kuchibiru togarase nagara
Sukoshi kangae tari shite.

Suki na hito no TAIPU wa
"Eeto, sono, ano ne... nanda kke?"

Hora une deux trois tte kizuitara
Futari wa mou warai aeru
Horo amai KYARAMERU ga tokete yuku.
Chikazuiteiku kono kyori wa
Ima wa, mada koko made ne.
Watashi-tachi, oniai ne?

Tamani wa, senchi ni naru no.
Dakedo ne...

Sou une deux trois o kazoetara
Watashi wa mou mae o mukeru
Muzukashii koto ni wa mou sayonara!
Miryoku-teki na watashi wa
Nee egao ga niau desho?
Jibun-rashiku, jiyuu de itai no.

Saa une deux trois no mahou de
Kono machi wa watashi no mono
Itsudatte kimama na HIROIN nano.
Kimagure na onnanoko no
Himitsu oshiete ageru.
Tokubetsu ni, kimi dake da yo.
Hora, ne...

Track Name: Fireworks
As I hear the sound of sparklers
And see your face in their light
The skies are lit ablaze
With fiery shapes of fireworks

I will cherish this memory forever