by NekRock

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A highly abstract song, containing noise, cloud rap, black metal, trance, house and cybergrind, with lyrics of pure love for an eldritch abomination.


released November 23, 2015



all rights reserved


NekRock Russia

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Track Name: Shoggoth
And there's lust in her eyes [x2]
And you're lost in her eyes [x2]
And you're the reason behind
All that lust in her eyes

[Verse 1]
Her body's made of slime, yet everything is clear
Your settlement is tidy and has a cozy atmosphere
Whatever it is you want, she already gave you
To even think that time ago she appeared out of the cave though
Led forth she was by the unyielding desire
It was that to forever serve her sire
And now, she is there, by your side, standing still
Your home is quiet, world around you so tranquil
Of all times, now you're the happiest you've ever been
If she's a hellish creature, then you'd rather fucking sin

[Hook Repeat]

In the night she sows the seeds
In your heart she opens the door
Of everlasting lustful deeds
To tender love forevermore

[Chorus Repeat]

[Verse 2]
Ecstasy like madness, it's swelling within
Something peculiar is about to begin
Your sight grew hazy of her touch so warm
Pleasure in your body whirls like an electric storm
Devotion, onwards, ages and ages hence
Emotions, for hours, everything makes sense

[Chorus Repeat x2]