Our Summer II

by NekRock

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A sequel to 2016 Summer Hit "Our Summer", this time with more summer energy, vanilla and other cool stuff. Enjoy.


released August 2, 2017



all rights reserved


NekRock Russia

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Track Name: Our Summer
Take my hand, please, don't be scared
We're going back to Summerland
All the pleasure we once shared
Gentle breeze over warm sand
Cocktails, games, parasols
Fireworks in the night sky
For us, a lovestruck pair of souls,
Is there to thoroughly enjoy
Track Name: Tropical Fruit
As I take your hand and we walk under the sun,
Your face is full of joy and your smile shines so bright,
You run down the beach, laughing all the while,
Here we lie down and relax, bathed in sunlight.

Coconuts and pineapples,
Mangoes, longans, custard apples,
Some fruit's sweet, another's bitter,
Our love's not, it's always sweeter.
Watermelon, rambutan,
Canistel and durian,
Some fruit's sweet, another's bitter,
Our love's not, it's always sweeter.

You look up in anticipation from under the parasol,
When I bring us some nice cold ice cream,
Our glasses are so full of tropical fruit,
We enjoy our cold treat as we watch the water gleam.

Your thankful smile is all that I need,
Your happiness is always mine to share.
From the urban routine, here we are freed,
Let's give in to our tender loving care.
Track Name: By Your Side
My heart’s beating
When you’re near me
This warm feeling
Will last forever
Track Name: Mojito
A cold mojito,
We're holding in our hands,
I don't think I'm sober,
I'm already drunk on this love.

You look into my eyes and tell me that you want to go to a bar, that's not far from the beach, and there you order a couple of mojitos for the both of us to quench the thirst in this summer sun. There's a lot of ice in the glass and it takes a while for you to start drinking, but when you do, you look so refreshed. I'm sipping on my drink, you turn to me with such a joyous look and you say that we should come here more often.
Track Name: The Waves
Take a surfboard, or a jet ski, let's go to the sea,
Playing in the water is the best part of summer, wouldn't you agree?
It feels so cool, it feels so nice, especially in this heat,
Come on down here, don't just stand there with water just up to your feet.

Riding the waves,
Water is splashing,
This look in your eyes
Is simply just dashing.

So now, are you having fun? You don't need to lie.
I feel so invigorated, I feel like I could fly.
Playing in the water until the sun goes down,
I don't think we could have so much fun back in our town.

Your wet hair is glistening under the light of moon,
It's gotten colder, so let's go back to our house soon.
Track Name: В Платье Белом (Ляпис Трубецкой Cover)
Когда зимой холодною в крещенские морозы,
Щебечет песню соловей, и распускаются мимозы,
Когда взлетаешь к небесам и там паришь, пугая звезды,
А над окном твоим совьют какие-нибудь птицы гнезда.
Когда девчонка толстая журнал приобретает "Мода",
И снит, как будто юноши ей в школе не дают прохода,
Когда милиционер усатый вдруг улыбнется хулигану
И поведет его под руки, но не в тюрьму, а к ресторану.

Знай, это любовь, с ней рядом Амур крыльями машет,
Знай, это любовь, сердце не прячь, Амур не промажет.

Когда мальчишка на асфальте мелом пишет чье-то имя,
Когда теленок несмышленый губами ищет мамки вымя,
Когда веселый бригадир доярку щиплет возле клуба,
Когда солдатик лысенький во сне целует друга губы,
Когда безродная дворняга взобраться хочет на бульдога,
Когда в купаловскую ночь две пары ног торчат из стога,
Когда седой профессор под дождем по лужам резво скачет,
А зацелованная им девчонка над пятеркой плачет...

Любовь зимой приходит в платье белом,
Весной любовь приходит в платье голубом,
Любовь приходит летом в платьице зеленом,
А осенью любовь приходит в золотом.
Track Name: Starry Summer Sky
Do you remember the time you wanted to run away,
From that killing boredom, from that life so grey,
Do you remember wishing upon a star to be free,
And holding my hand, when you most needed me,
And now you're calm, no more of that sad look on your face,
Here you are at ease, sleeping in my embrace,
In this place that doesn't yet even feel real at all,
I'll fulfill your every wish, no matter big or small.

I know this feeling too,
I saw that tear in your eye,
When you looked up to
The Starry Summer Sky.

Were you to see falling stars in that sky,
Would you wish for something eternal?
Track Name: My Darling
This warmth, this sun,
Our time, our fun,
These waves, these clouds,
No smoke, no crowds,
Clean air, warm sand,
Your touch, your hand,
Never apart,
My love, my heart.

I dreamt of this,
No pain, pure bliss,
You wished for this,
Your lips, your kiss,
So sweet, tender,
Your waist, slender,
As we lay here,
My words, you hear...

My darling, can you see the ocean blue?
This summer is only for me and you.
My darling, know that I love you so.
Wherever you may be, I shall also go.